Happy New Year 2018 Wishes for Boyfriends & Beautiful Couples Celebration Ideas

Posted in Wishes on November 20, 2017

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First of all, we will like to wish your a very happy new year 2018 and to all those people to whom you are wishing. We will collect the best Happy New Year 2018 Wishes For Boyfriend that will let him fall in love with you more and more!

New Year eve. means 31st December's night is considered as a most romantic night of the whole year. It's really bee a special time for you and your boyfriend. You can spend time with your boyfriend. That time will be the unforgettable time in your entire life. Because new year is one of the most famous occasion when you can express your internal feeling to your special man.

Welcoming the new year is something that makes to all people feels very joyful and happy, on this day all the people get excited because usually everyone started to forget about the previous year's mistake and started to fix the new year resolution. This celebration will become more special and beautiful if you will celebrate this with your loving once.

If you are lucky, so you will get the chance to celebrate the New Year's Eve with your special man, if you got it Than express your feeling to your boyfriend with some nice words just happy new year wishes

For this, we are going to share some Happy New Year 2018 Wishes for Boyfriend with you. These all wishes are very beautiful and special that will let your boyfriend believes that how much your loves him. These all wishes have collected from various internet web pages.

So before we get started we will also gonna share some tips with your that how you can Celebrate the New Year with your boyfriend?

Happy New Year 2018 Celebrations for Couples

Girlfriend & Boyfriend Should Do This!

Happy New Year 2018 Wishes for Boyfriend celebration ideas for couples

New Year Celebration Ideas for Couples


New Year's Eve has always been one of the most romantic holidays for lovers. For this we will also confused that how you can celebrate or how you can treat your boyfriend on this new year's eve because every man has a different preference.

However read here the top 5 celebration ideas for lovers on this new year's eve. So if you are ready to do some funny and exciting things with your boyfriend so here are the top 5 New Year celebration ideas most of them won't even break your bank.  So Let's start.

Trip to A Hill Station

Away from all problems and things you can plan a trip to a hill station for this new year with your boyfriend. You two will be able to make a world of your own and this is one of the most romantic plans possible with your boyfriend greet the zero hours with a romantic kiss and tell him about that how much you love him. This plan is usually chosen by many lovers.

Go Out Together

This one is the classic, and there are many parties and live concerts are done on the New Year's Eve. You can plan a date with your boyfriend about to go to a party. For a Semi-traditional type of New Year Eve find a great local show or a party.

Dress with the same dress code and arrange some drinks to lose your nervousness. This is really a great plan for all the lovers. Your boyfriend will gonna enjoy that time with you very much if you do so.

Arrange a Long Drive

There is also another fun exciting thing to do on New Year ever' and that is you can surprise your boyfriend with your driving skills. Allowed him to sit on beside and drive the car to an unknown destination.

Play some good romantic music and arrange some fruit juice for snacking. He will not only be amused, he will definitely gonna happy for sure. Treat him like a special guest with the happiest charm inside you and he will gonna again fall in love with your again.

Moonlight Boat Ride

You can also arrange a Moonlight Boat Ride with your boyfriend because this plan and way are also considered as one of the most romantic ways to treat your boyfriend by many couples.

While you both are riding tell him about that how much you love him because that time is the most important time for both of you. And After that, he will also gonna fall in love with your again.

Do Something You Never Done Before

The previous year is almost over so it's time to do an adventurist thing with your boyfriend. Ask him about that what he always wants to do that he has never done before like going for ice skating and for paragliding.

Having an adventure together will remind you of why you got together in first place and why your both don't want to celebrate your New Year's Eve with anyone else.

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30+ Happy New Year 2018 Wishes for Boyfriend

Now we will gonna share the Happy New Year 2018 Wishes For Boyfriend that will let your boyfriend believes that how much your loves him. This all wishes are in English fonts and are very beautiful and special for lovers.

You can simply copy and paste by selecting these wishes. You can directly send these Happy New Year 2018 Wishes For Boyfriend to your boyfriend and you can also share these Happy New Year 2018 Wishes For Boyfriend by posting it on your Facebook timeline and by uploading on your WhatsApp Status.

Happy New Year 2018 Wishes For Boyfriend

Happy New Year 2018 Wishes For Boyfriend

You have given me everything in 2016 to see me happy and smiling and I know 2017 will become more beautiful and joyous with you on my side.


When I will look back at 2016, I will always cherish the sweet memories that we have shared, the weird things that we have indulged in together, the mischievous acts we have performed and the love you have given me. Hope you will continue being the essential part of my life in 2017 and the rest of my lifetime.


As we step into another year, my love has become much stronger for you and it is this passion that has given new meaning to my life. Thanks for making wonderful memories in 2016 and being there by my side in 2017.


You filled up the chapters of life in 2016 with pages of love and hope you continue doing the same in 2017


I love you more today than I did in the years gone by, but not as much as I will in the years ahead. Happy New Year 2017!


Your love has given me the courage to walk the less-traveled paths and to be the person I have always wanted to become.


Love can act in strange ways. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it gave me happiness and sometimes brought tears to my eyes but I know it will last till the end of time. Happy New Year!


There have quite a few times in 2016 when I gave you pain and made you sad because of my attitude. But I promise I will fill up 2017 with moments of happiness and pleasure.


Disillusioned, gloomy, distressed or angry…no matter how the situation has been in 2016, your cheerfulness has always managed to pull me out of despair…and I know 2017 will see your love grow. Be there always to help me stay grounded….make me alive always.


2016 has been one of the most eventful, exciting and memorable years of my lifetime because of your presence in my life and I know the years to come will become all the more special with your love shining upon me.


A wonderful start of another beautiful year would not have been possible with out your love and support. Thanks for always showering your care on me, my sweetheart. Happy New year.


May the coming year turn all your efforts into great and special achievements, and may all your dreams become reality. Happy 2017, sweetheart!


Happy New Year!! I wish you a year filled with happiness, fun and success. Have a lovely year ahead, darling!


You had made my life complete and may the coming years bring a lot of opportunities to enjoy life. Have a promising upcoming year, my love!


You made each and every day of the passing year so bright and colourful and I am extremely happy to always have you on my side. Happy 2017!


You are a pillar of support and strength for me. I am blessed to have an amazing husband (boyfriend) like you. Happy New Year!


Happy 2017. I cannot thank you much for bringing sparkle of love and passion into my life and for making my life perfect. Happy New Year!


With all my heart, I congratulate you on New Year and wish that this year would meet all your expectations. Be open to new things, but appreciate what you have. Happy holiday, sweetheart!


Each and every day of previous year had made me aware of how happy and blessed I am to have you by my side. Happy New Year, my love!


May the coming year be even more sweet and enjoyable than the previous years. Thank you for making my life so joyful and for bringing so much sunshine into it.


Happy New Year! Today I wish you all the best in achieving and pursuing your remaining goals and trying new things in life!


Let the coming year bring you exciting and wonderful things in life! Happy 2017 to my phenomenal boyfriend (husband)!!


Thanks for always showering your love and care on me and for always being there whenever I needed your support. Happy New Year, sweetheart!


Happy New Year!! A wonderful and marvellous start of another beautiful and exciting year would not have been possible without your support and love.


It is just because of your presence that this year has been one of the most important, memorable and exciting years of my lifetime and I am confident that coming years will become more special with your love shining upon me. Happy 2017.


No matter what the circumstances has been in the previous year I am sure in 2017 I’ll see your love grow. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Your love had made me laugh, cry, it gave me tons of happiness and a few times brought tears to my eyes but I am sure our love will last till the end of time!


Happy 2017, It is just because of you that today I’ve the courage to walk the less-travelled paths, love sometimes can act in strange ways.


You have filled up the chapters of my life in the previous year with pages of affection and I am sure you will never change and will continue doing the same in 2017.


Let the forthcoming year bring you the most wonderful and exciting things in life! Happy 2017 to my amazing boyfriend (husband)!


I’ll always cherish the awesome memories that we have shared in the previous year, the weird stuff that we’ve done together, the mischievous acts we have carried out and the love and affection you have given me. Happy 2017!

So these is our collection of Happy New Year 2018 Wishes for Boyfriend. We hope you will like all the Happy New Year Wishes we have shared. So Do share these with your boyfriend, husband and with your loving once.

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